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We are looking for Importers and Distributors in different countries in Europe to import and sell...

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• Prospecting of international markets


Foreign companies that want to operate in Europe or

European companies who want to start operating internationally.


  • Search opportunities in different geographies and markets throughout all segments of the two-wheeler sector: manufacturers, distributors, news media.
  • In-Depth sectorial study by country, to have a database of operators in the sector as well as its strengths, coverage of trademarks and manufacturers, market potential and opportunity identification.
  • Presence in international fairs for obtaining exhibitor information and including in-depth interviews of exhibitors with relevant products for our customers to effectively research possibilities and opportunities. This maintains direct contact to the local market in each of the countries.
  • Presence at conventions, meetings of international associations, events involving end-users, as well as visiting points of sale and production facilities to continually update knowledge throughout the entire produt chain
  • Promotion of products and/ or client companies in international fairs developing a commercial role where a client is not able to devote their own resources.
  • Visits to potential customers from different countries, according to request.